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Tiborang 13 inches steel grey nonstick 6.3 quarts 8 in 1 air press multifunctional pan

Tiborang 13 inches steel grey nonstick 6.3 quarts 8 in 1 air press multifunctional pan

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  • Multifunctional: The nonstick wok set is perfect for deep-frying, pressure cooking, steaming, boiling, decocting, baking, stir frying and Hotpot. You can even use it to steam vegetables. It's a great way to make cooking more fun and inventive.
  • 4 new innovative breakthrough:
    1. New air press release button with 10 KPA micro pressure valve on the lid can save 50% of your cooking time.
    2. New engraved special message on the titanium pot body "My Heart will go on", state of art workmanship.
    3. New build in bakelite ears to prevent heat, no additional scalding tools are needed to lift the pot body.
    4. New available in 6 new trendy colours.
  • 5 key features keeping from the last version:
    1. The front end of the large wok handle still has the preheated indicator.
    2. The cooking wok handle adopts with invisible screw, no tools is needed to disassemble.
    3. It is crafted from hard anodized aluminium to avoid bottom changing shape.
    4. Transfer heat 3x faster with supreme nonstick coating with FDA & SGS Approved.
    5. Suitable for ALL stove tops.
  • Save cooking time: The vertical armed pan cover comes with a 10 KPA micro pressure valve on the fringe, when your dish requires to stew, it will speed up your cooking time as much as 50% compare to ordinary woks. Tips: When you turn off the stove after cooking, please open the lid or press the micro pressure valve button (New Feature) to avoid the excessive pressure in the pot.  For safety reasons, after turning off your stove, the maximum duration coving the lid is 30 minutes without releasing the air. 
  • Preheat function: The front end of the stir fry pan handle has a temperature indicator. The indicator is red before heading, and red changes to white after heating, note that when oil temperature is ≥150℃, it will automatically change to white. Just by observing the color of the indicator, you can know exactly know when the food is ready to be served. It is important for you to know how to control the heat and prevent nutrient loss. Unlike woks & stir-fry pans, the skillet allows you to cook with less oil or butter and the pots and pans is suitable for 3-8 people.
  • Nonstick coating & health certify material: This nonstick frying pan is made of 7 layers of materials. The surface titanium coating ensures nonstick feature remain its function and to make it very easy to wash. All materials are 100% Free of PFAS, PFOA, APEO, lead or cadmium. no need to worry about toxic substances and coatings falling off.
  • Vertical silicone glass lid: The lid is surrounded by rubber gasket to preserve heat and prevent lid glass to be shatter. It has a good safety fit and will not slip during cooking. It helps seals in the flavor of the food and preserve nutrients for a healthier and better tasting food. The transparent glass lid helps determine when your food is ready.  The ergonomic handle is nice to grip, easy to lift.  If you want to clean rubber rip gaskets surrounding the lid, you can sprinkle baking soda and brush it thoroughly, oily smell will go away in no time.
  • Exclusive design: The nonstick skillets is designed by our famous architect Amos Deleben, you can enjoy beauty and quality from the sauté pans in daily use.  The pan comes in diamond shape and a stainless steel 5-layer compound bottom that gives faster heating. The heat conduction efficiency can be 3x higher than the efficiency of ordinary pan's bottom.
  • Detachable handle & easy storage: The flat wok bottom and handle adopts with invisible screw, which makes it easy to wash and disassemble after each use, no tool is required and no rust over time.  The stir fry pan perfectly suitable for all stoves including induction stoves.
  • PACKAGE & SIZE: 1 x Wok Pan (12.6" x 8.3" x 4.1"), 1 x Gift Box, 1 x Air Press Pot Lid, 1 x Silicone Spatula, 1 x 12.6" nonstick steamer grid, 1 x Nonstick silicone pad, 2 x Detachable pot ears, 1 x Installation instruction menu. The pan is suitable for family of 3-5 person
  • Tip:  Do not use high heat during cooking.
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